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This privacy policy tells you how we collect, use, and protect your personal information. By visiting our website, you accept and agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. In particular, you consent to our collection and use of your personal information as described in this privacy policy.

This privacy policy also applies to your use of any subdomains of


We do not provide services or sell products to children. If you are below the age of 18, you may not use our website. If you are a minor, please do not provide us or other website visitors with any personal information.


Our privacy policy is part of, and subject to, our website’s terms and conditions of use. You may view these terms and conditions on


Where legally possible we will remove your personal information from our systems and from partner services when requested. If you want to have your information removed please contact us by using the contact form provided.

In a limited number of cases for contractual or legal reasons we are unable to remove your personal information. For example if we transfer your information to a partner when you request solar pricing we are unable to remove your information.


Emails you receive from which are sent from Active Campaign (our email service provider) contains a link to update your subscription information or to unsubscribe from marketing emails.

Where legally possible we will update your personal information in our systems and in partner services when requested by you. If you want to have your information updated in this way please contact us by using the contact form provided.

In a limited number of cases for contractual or legal reasons we are unable to update your personal information. For example if we transfer your information to a partner when you request solar pricing we are unable to update that information.


Like most places on the Internet, simply by visiting our website you automatically tell us certain information. This includes basic information such as your IP address, when you visited, sometimes the website from where you came prior to visiting us, sometimes the website where you go when you leave our website, your computer’s operating system, and the type of web browser that you are using. Our website hosting automatically records this basic information about you.

We also use website analytics services, including Google Analytics, which collect information from you as you navigate our website. This information includes time spent on a page, navigation paths through our web site and other items. We use this information to improve our web site. Google may use this information for advertising and other purposes.


Like many other websites, we use cookies. In plain English, this means small amounts of information that our website’s server transfers to your computer. This information can be used to track your session on our website. Cookies may also be used to customize our website content for you as an individual. If you are using one of the common Internet web browsers, you can set up your browser to to deny cookie access to your computer.

We may use third party suppliers of services that also use cookies. For example we use Google analytics which uses cookies. These suppliers will also receive some information about your computer, such as your browser type. They may also track you between this website and others where they also provide a service.

Essential Cookies

Some cookies are required for our site to correctly function. For example cookies are needed information collection for assessing solar pricing.

Non-Essential Cookies

We also use some non-essential cookies to collect information for making reports and to help us improve the site and our advertising. Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, visit or

We also may use third party advertisements to support our site. Some of these advertisers may use technology such as cookies and web beacons when they advertise on our site, which will also send these advertisers (such as Google through the Google AdSense program) information including your IP address, your ISP , the browser you used to visit our site, and in some cases, whether you have Flash installed. This is generally used for geotargeting purposes (showing New York real estate ads to someone in New York, for example) or showing certain ads based on specific sites visited (such as showing cooking ads to someone who frequents cooking sites). This may occur if we have advertisements visible on out site or not.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on this site to improve it and to provide reports on an anonymous basis

We have implemented Google Analytics advertising features on this site. These include Google Analytics remarketing, Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting, Google Display Network Impression Reporting and various integrated services which use Google Analytics cookies and information for advertising purposes.

We do not send your complete IP address to Google Analytics. This means you are less likely to be personally identifiable.

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit

DoubleClick DART cookies

We also may use DART cookies for ad serving through Google’s DoubleClick, which places a cookie on your computer when you are browsing the web and visit a site using DoubleClick advertising (including some Google AdSense advertisements). This cookie is used to serve ads specific to you and your interests (”interest based targeting”). The ads served will be targeted based on your previous browsing history (For example, if you have been viewing sites about visiting Las Vegas, you may see Las Vegas hotel advertisements when viewing a non-related site, such as on a site about hockey). DART uses “non personally identifiable information”. It does NOT track personal information about you, such as your name, email address, physical address, telephone number, social security numbers, bank account numbers or credit card numbers. You can opt-out of this ad serving on all sites using this advertising by visiting

Retargeting and Conversion Pixels

We may also use retargeting and conversion pixels on this site from various third party services, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Site Scout, Perfect Audience and Adroll. These services use cookies and will set cookies on your computer or other device. Conversion pixels allow us to track visitor actions, such as supplying an email address or purchasing a product. Retargeting pixels allow us to show advertisements to you on external sites, after you have visited our site. These services may use cookies, web beacons and similar technologies to collect or receive data from our website and elsewhere on the internet and use that information to serve ads or provide measurement. These pixels may set cookies on your computer which are later used to serve advertisements on other web sites on the Internet based on your visits to this website. You may opt-out of many of these and other advertising services by visiting:

You may opt-out from Perfect Audience at

You may opt-out from Site Scout at

We may use third party services, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter to generate similar or lookalike "audiences" based up information collected using retargeting pixels, conversion or similar pixels, for example pixels from website analytics services such as Google Analytics.

We may also collect any data that you provide us by posting it at our website or by e-mail. You can always choose not to provide us with information. However, if you do withhold information, we may deny you access to some or all of our website’s services and features. 

On our site you may be able subscribe to an email list. We collect you email address and possibly your name during the subscription process in order to send you emails and, if we have your name, personalize the email. You will also be subscribed to an email list if you purchase a product. You can unsubscribe from an email list at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any email you receive.

We may also collect information about open rates of any emails which we might send you. This is done using a tracking pixel within the email. We may also include “retargeting pixels” within any emails we send to you. Links in any emails we send to you might redirect via tracking services or be trackable in other ways to gather information on clicked links within any emails we might send to you.

We also use the Facebook "pixel" to send some of your interactions with our site to Facebook, which may combine that interaction with other data. Facebook will use this information for targeting advertising, improving your newsfeed and other purposes. This "pixel" will set or access a cookie.

We may use this information for determining the effectiveness of ads, retargeting ads and building lookalike audiences in Facebook.

You can read Facebook’s privacy policy here:

You can opt out of some forms of Facebook advertising here:

Note that opting out in this way may set cookies in your browser.

Also you can consult:

Third Party Services

We use various third party systems to store your personal information. 

We may store your personal details on the the services,, and on servers we use to host our website. We use these services to capture your information, process and transfer information between systems and to provide reporting systems.

You can review’s privacy policy here: (podio is owned by Citrix)

You can review integromat’s privacy policy here:

You can review leadshook's privacy policy here:


Your personal details may form part of a server or computer backup. These backups are encrypted and securely stored.


We use your information to operate our website’s business activities. For example, we may use this data to contact you about changes to our website, new services, or special offers, resolve disputes, troubleshoot issues, and enforce our website’s terms and conditions.

We may use your first name, town, state and country for marketing purposes to display to other users of this website that you have used our services. We intend this information to be general in nature, so you are not personally identifiable.

In general we retain information for an indefinite period or for the lifetime of the business or website. While we take security very seriously we cannot guarantee that we or our suppliers will always remain safe from security threats, such as hacking.

As a general rule, we will not give your data to third parties without your permission. However, there are some important exceptions to this rule that are described in the following paragraphs.

As a normal part of our business we collect information provided by you. This generally includes sensitive and personally identifiable information. We may sell or transfer this information to our partners who provide solar installation related services. These partners have their own privacy policy. They may also store your information outside of Australia, where different privacy regulations apply. These partners may use your personal information to contact you.

We may, in our sole discretion, provide information about you to law enforcement or other government officials for purposes of fraud investigations, alleged intellectual property infringement, or any other suspected illegal activity or matters that may expose us to legal liability.

We may disclose aggregate data about our website’s visitors to advertisers or other third parties for marketing and promotional purposes.

We may provide email addresses or phone numbers to third parties for the purpose of obtaining demographic and psychographic information about our website visitors. We also may use this information to create “audiences” on Facebook, Google, Twitter or other advertising platforms for the purpose of better targeting our advertisements. If you want to be removed from audiences created using email addresses or phone numbers please contact us with your details and we will contact our advertising suppliers to have your email address and phone number removed from these audiences.

From time to time, we may use third party suppliers to provide services on our website. If a supplier wants to collect information about you, you will be notified. However, you will never be required to give information to a third party supplier. In general we restrict the way third party suppliers can use your information. Where workable they are not allowed to sell or give your information to others. In some cases we cannot restrict third party suppliers. If you are concerned about this please contact us and we can supply details of where to look at our third party suppliers privacy policies.

Our email subscribers have their details stored by a service provider. This is currently Active Campaign.

We may at some time in the future sell all or parts of this site and the information relating to it. This may include personal information you have supplied, such as an email address.

Our hosting suppliers and we may make backups of databases which might contain your personal information. This is used to restore the database in the event of any issues with the database integrity.


Your access to parts of our website may be protected by a user name and a password. Do not give your password to anyone. If you enter a section of our website that requires a password, you should log out when you leave. As a safety precaution, you should also close out of your web browser completely and re-open it before viewing other parts of the Internet.


If you obtain personally identifiable information about another website user, you are not allowed to disclose this information to anyone else without the consent of the user and our consent too.

We hate junk e-mail (Spam). Information you obtain from our website about us or other site users cannot be used by you or others to send unsolicited commercial e-mail or to send unsolicited commercial communications via our website’s posting or other communication systems.


You may choose to provide personal information to website visitors or other third parties who are not our suppliers. Please use caution when doing so. The privacy policies and customs of these third parties determine what is done with your information.


We may use autoresponders to communicate with you by e-mail. You can always opt-out of such communications using the links contained in each autoresponder message. If you have difficulties opting out, you may contact us by using the contact form provided.

We contact our email subscribers on a regular basis. Apart from transactional emails we would send emails at a maximum of around once a day.

SMS Messages

We may use SMS to communicate with you. These messages will be sent by a SMS service provider. This provider is currentlt Twilio. During the process of sending a SMS message to you Twilio will receive your mobile phone number.

We contact our email subscribers on a regular basis. Apart from transactional emails we would send emails at a maximum of around once a day.


We may use services, such as "crazyegg", "hotjar" and "Inspectlet", that provide us with records of your interaction with our website. These may take the form of scroll heatmaps, mouse movement and click heatmaps, plus visual recordings of your interaction with our website. We use these to find issues with our website and to improve our website. Sensitive fields, such as credit card data, are not captured by these services.

You should study the privacy policies of these services at: , and You can also opt-out so these services do not record your interactions with our website. You can opt-out using the information at:



The terms of this policy may change from time to time. If such changes are made, we will notify you by a notice posted on our website that changes that have been made. If you disagree with the changes that have been made, please contact us (using the website contact form), and any changes made to this policy will not apply to information we have collected from you prior to making the changes. If you are concerned about the topic covered by this policy, you should read it each time before you use our website. Any questions or concerns about this policy should be brought to our attention by contacting us by using the contact form provided and providing us with information relating to your concern.


If you are a California resident and our customer, Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.83 permits you to request certain information about our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To request this information, please contact us by using the contact form provided.

This privacy policy was last updated on 19 May 2020.

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