How To Get A Quality Solar Installation

Installation of quality solar panels can play a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency. Over the last two decades, the use of home solar energy as a power source has increased significantly. Driving much of the boom has been a reduction in cost for solar systems. Other important changes have included governments providing rebates and incentives. These include enhanced Feed In Trariffs and STC certificates.

Getting a quality solar installation is vital to ensure the system is effective and robust. Solar panel systems can last for many years when the initial installation is to a high standard.

Quality Solar System Installations

While a minority of people might be able to install a small solar panel themselves. I would limit this to small stand alone lights and the like. A professional needs to install the vast majority of solar energy products. This ensures a correct installation. A licenced electrician needs to connect the system to the mains grid.

It is a complicated operation to install solar panels and connect them to the electrical system. The panels also have to be physically connected to the roof. They must be able to withstand high winds and weather events. Since solar panels are an expensive investment, proper installation should be a priority.

Professional solar installers can arrange all the paperwork required to complete the job. They also have all the skills and knowledge to install the panels safely. Solar panels need to be securely bracketed to roof rafters to protect them from potential weather damage. The best way to protect this investment is by hiring experienced solar installation professionals for the job.

The Importance of Using a Professional for Electrical Connections

The installer in charge of the job needs to be CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited for on or off grid installations. The only way to claim government STC certificates (often called rebates) is by using a CEC accredited installer (the person not the company).

The time it takes to install and get the solar panels working and tested can vary, depending on the size of the project. It will take a few days to a week to complete most residential installations.