How Much Can Solar Save Off Your Electricity Bill?

Find Out Which Government Incentives You Qualify For!

Some households reduce their electricity bills by up to 80%^

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Sorting out Solar used to be far from simple. It was a drawn-out process involving lots of investigation and calculations. There were various government schemes, suppliers and a limited number of Solar options actually available for customers.

Getting Solar used to be painful

That's where SolarPricing comes in. Our founder believed they could offer people a better way to check out solar for their home. An online assessment was created to make it easier for customers to find out how solar would work for them. By removing lots of the manual tasks, sorting out Solar soon became much simpler!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your solar system is likely to be eligible for the 'Small-scale Technology Certificates' program.

These certificates are available from the Federal Government under the Renewable Energy Target.

They can be sold to subsidise your solar panel installation.

In addition certain states offer additional solar incentive schemes. Complete our assessment to find out more charges no fees.

When you speak to a solar installer they will give you pricing.

It is important to be aware of all of the costs which could apply to you before agreeing to a Solar offer.

A Feed in Tariff (FIT) is the payment you get for any excess electricity produced by your solar power installation.

It is a dollar amount per kiloWatt Hour (kWh). The rate is generally 8 - 10 cents per kWh.

Occasionally special deals are available with higher rates.

Assessing your Solar options takes a couple of minutes or less.

You'll get a phone call from an installer soon after for a chat to provide pricing.

The cost varies depending on the size and quality of Solar system, the household configuration and other factors.

Solar installations generally pay for themselves over time in reduced power bills.

There are Solar Installers who will install on most properties.

If there is substantial shading on your roof the power produced by solar panels will be significantly reduced.

This will make an installation less attractive to you.

You must be the owner of the property where the installation will take place.

It's best to discuss this will an installer who will have experience of many different roof types and configurations.